We take immense pride in the handcrafted nature of our jewellery. Our jewellery workshop, established in 1993, boasts of state -of-art facilities that support the artisan’s unparalleled skills. Centuries of traditional knowledge about the art of jewellery making forms the core of our philosophy. This creative space for high jewellery is where the family spends most of their time – ideating, creating and refining. The workshop forms the backbone of all creative endeavours. Jewellers, gem setters and polishers bring the Lodha vision to life. Each Alok Lodha piece is an enduring work of art, designed to become a collector’s item.

a legacy of handmade jewellery

A gouache sketch marks the inception of a fine piece of jewellery. The assorted gemstones are placed on a wax sheet (mom peti), where one gets the first glimpse of the final creation.

For instricate cast and miniscule collets - a painstaking process of trials and sampling is needed to craft the framework in gold. The multiple parts are placed in harmony on wax, that is then transferred to a plaster of Paris mould.

Stone setting is where the precious gemstone are dexterously placed in the frame (ghaat), which is secured in lac. At this stage the jewellery is further set by the artisan and the piece begins to come to life.

The frame of the jewellery is thoroughly cleaned with cotton yarns. This step helps in polishing areas that might not be accessible once the stones are set. A final polish is done to the finished piece of jewellery to reveal its complete beauty.

Every gem has a story waiting to be unearthed.



Stone One

The inception of every Alok Lodha jewellery begins with an exquisite coloured gemstone. The house specializes in fine jewellery crafted from the most high grade precious gemstones. The precious stones are selected from many continents; Diamonds cut in Antwerp & India, Rubies from Burma, Emeralds from Columbia and various parts of Africa & Sapphires from Sri Lanka. Only gems of the highest grade are procured, evaluated and assorted personally by Mr.Lodha and his father. This contributes immensely to the gem value that is the soul of every Alok Lodha piece

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