The lodha timeline


Father, Mr.Kesri Chand ventures into jewellery and opens a small atelier in Chandni Chowk.


The journey of exports began with Italy, one of the most significant markets in Europe.


Alok at the age of 21 stages his first trade show in Dubai and creates a phenomenal first impression in the international jewellery circuit.


Bejewelled is born, with its first boutique at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.


Establishes fine jewellery workshop in Gandhinagar, one of the firsts in Delhi.


A tryst with royalty begins with commissions of its extraordinary jewellery, royal families of the Middle East and Asia.


Opens doors to the first showroom in Kuwait.


The Alok Lodha flagship showroom is unveiled at the iconic Sundar Nagar Market, Delhi.

Alok Lodha

Born in 1966 in Delhi, India, Alok Lodha grew up in humble surroundings, exposed to the intimate universe of his father’s small atelier. Mr. Kesri Chand laid the foundation of the jewellery house, that is now a third generation family run business. His unwavering emphasis on honesty and excellence earned him the trust and goodwill of the clients and pioneers in the jewellery community at large.

Mr. Lodha is an innate gemologist, having witnessed the artistry of fine jewellery under the aegis of his elder brother. “I remember as a child, spending a lot of time with bhaiya (elder brother) looking at stones, discussing their essence. He spoke with care and compassion and that stayed with me.”

Destiny had set an unexpected course, as Alok held the reins of the jewellery house at the young age of 19, in 1985. With a strong set of values and a vision of a fine jewellery house, he opened the doors of the first store at The Hyatt Regency in Delhi in 1987. And Bejewelled was born.

Late nights with the artisans, at the atelier, were spent honing high standards for quality and understanding the delicate balance of creativity and finesse. His mastery in precious coloured stones, impeccable craftsmanship and an ingenious eye for design earned him a discerning clientele in the Middle East. Kuwait has been instrumental in the house’s trajectory and holds a very special place in Mr. Lodha’s heart.


The House of Lodha was founded in 1968 in Delhi, India and carries with itself six decades of rich knowledge and innovation in jewellery. It all started in a narrow by lane of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, as a humble haven of exploration and learning. The house in its early days mastered the art of “chuna moti” and were distinguished makers of coloured gemstone bangles. The repertoire became more nuanced, with foray into high jewellery- brooches and tiaras custom made for royalty. One of a kind pieces, that became house signatures, are investment appreciating in value over time until they become priceless heirlooms.

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